Party Information
At Fun Jump we now offer THREE kinds of Parties:
One of our favorite reviews from a Mom who has had 3 kid parties at Fun Jump says " not only did my kids and their friends have a blast at Fun Jump, but I got to come home to my still clean house!"
Remember: a signed waiver  and socks are required to bounce and party at all Fun Jump events
* Cake or cupcakes are the only permitted outside food at Fun Jump. We sell Ice cream cups and drinks- by purchasing them from us you are helping support our local small business to pay our bills, taxes, payroll, taxes, bills, and taxes! Thank you for your support!
1.All Inclusive Kids Birthday Party Package (Priced for 9 kids- however up to 18 kids can be comfortably accommodated in the party room and we have squeezed in more when necessary!!  This is scheduled during regular walk-in play hours. WE SUGGEST LIMITING adult guests to 6 for this kind of party due size of our rooms. If you need to include more adults a private rental is your best option. (see information below)
Our Party Package Pricing for up to 9* kids includes the following:(updated May 2017)
  • up to 12 Invitations/waivers-1 for ea. child guest
  • 9* Admissions for unlimited play time with an adult on site.
  • Private Party room for eating and gift opening. We schedule your party for 2 hours which includes 90 minutes use of a hosted party room.When the time is over, kids can stay to play as long as their adult remains with them.
  • Our Staff/ Party Host will set up, help during & clean up after the party. (Value=Priceless!!!)
  • Color table settings for the kids in your choice of colors to coordinate with any theme your child is a fan of. Plates and forks for extra adults are not included but are available 5/$1.
  • One 16" pizza- single topping, from Al & Leda's- cut into 16 squares. Or Casey's pizza cut into 16 slices.Not interested in Pizza? No problem! You can trade the pizza for 2 additional kid admissions!
  • 2 boxes of Capri Sun drinks(20 pouches) for kids. Adult drinks not included. 

Total cost: $145* valued over $175.00 if priced separately
 A deposit of $50 will reserve your special day!
**A carry-in fee will be applied for customers or having food delivered to cover our and disposal costs.
  •   Maximum recommended per party room: up to 16 kids fit comfortably but we have had 22+
  • Although we welcome your adult guests, attending to the children's needs is our main priority in order to keep your party running smoothly.
  • Please be aware: Party rooms may not comfortably accommodate more than 6 adults if there are more than 16 kids.
  • Table supplies for adults are not included in the package price.  you may bring your own for your adult guests, or purchase from us at 5 pieces for $1 (plates, forks, cups)
  •  adults should plan to order drinks from the concession stand.
  • Adults may enjoy relaxing in the concession seating area if the party room is crowded
*Prices good for bookings made through January 2019
All you need is your birthday cake or cupcakes, candles, lighter and knife or serving tool for cake cutting! Let us do the rest.
No other outside food or drinks are allowed- not even ice cream because we sell it here...
**A carry-in fee of $7 per category will be applied for customers  bringing in food or having food delivered. Categories include, food, drinks and ice cream.
Add-ons to the package include:
  • Additional child $8.00 ea(table settings included)
  • Extra invitations $.25 each or 5/$1.00
  • Ice cream cup $1.00 ea includes spoon
  • Shaved Ice or slushie $2 ea
  • Additional 16" pizza $18.00 (from Al & Leda's) or 14" pizza from Casey's $15.00
  • Fun Jump  t-shirt $10 -$12 ea includes tax
  • Take home treat bag- starting at $3. Ask for info.
  • Adult Fountain Drink   $2.00/ 16 oz
  • Extra cups for water: 5/$1.00 or 16 for $3.00 or bring your own cups and water is FREE!
  • Extra colored plates for adults 5pc/$1.00 15pc/$3- or bring your own for your adult guests!

IMPORTANT ! PLEASE NOTE:  Any BALLOONS and GOODY BAGS you wish to provide for your guests must remain in the party room to be distributed to your guests as they LEAVE THE BUILDING.
WHY? Kids like to eat their treats and play with their party favors in the inflatables. This creates poking or tripping hazards and sticky, messy inflatables... PLEASE HELP US BY FOLLOWING THIS POLICY. Thank you!!!
2.Do It Yourself Kid's Party  This is scheduled on weeknights Tuesday-Friday or Sunday during walk-in play hours. On Saturdays, during busier school year months, the start times for this kind of party may be limited to the first or last time slots (10:30 am and 3:30pm) Call us for availability 815-632-3630
**A carry-in fee will be applied for customers bringing in food or having food delivered.
DIY Partyers are allowed 2 hours in the party room INCLUDING your Set-Up AND clean up
(Helpful hint: invite your guests to arrive 15 minutes after you... kids are checked in and go to play first so you will have time to put the finishing touches on your room if you want to decorate.)
  •   add on 15 min before for $10 if available

YOUR CLEAN UP: dispose of your garbage, wipe up wet/sticky spots & sweep the floor.(towels & broom provided)
This party includes:
  • Up to 12 invitations for your guests
  • use of a private party room 2 hours for $40.
  • 2 Hrs includes your set up and clean up time 
  • Your guests are admitted for $6 per child on weekdays and $7 per child on weekends. No charge for adults.
  • You provide your own table settings.
  • You provide your own cake or cupcakes
  • ** Carry In FEE for OUTSIDE FOOD IS $7 each category: including ice cream, food and drinks.
  • You set up and clean up your party room.
  • Clean up includes: throwing away your spills and sticky places and sweep the floor. We will mop and sanitize.
  • Pizza is an optional add-on and should be requested one day to avoid wait time.
  • Drinks may be ordered from our concession stand on the day of your party.
  • Add-ons include:
  • Box of Capri Sun (10 pouches): $5.00
  • Fun Jump t-shirt: $10 - 12
  • Goody bags -starting at $3 ea (must pre-order)
  • Pizza (delivered) 16" family size: $18 ea.w/tax or 14" Large $15 single topping
  • ice cream cup: $1 ea. includes spoon
  • cups for water: 5/$1 or 16cups/$3 or bring your own water cups and water is FREE.
  • table cloths- 2 tables $4.00 (solid colors)
  • Plates,forks,napkins combination 10pc/ $2.00

 3.Private Party  or  Facility Rental
Click on the link below:
    **A carry-in fee will be applied when customers chose to bring in or have food/drinks delivered that is not ordered through Fun Jump. This helps cover our disposal costs.
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